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But tiny, "user-friendly" species for home use are the ones highlighted in this report. We have called them "microlivestock.

Indonesia appreciates the banteng so much that it has established a genetic sanctuary on the island of Bali - banning cattle nairy order to maintain the banteng's genetic purity. Madura Indonesia.

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Perhaps the world's best foragers, goats eat practically anything made of cellulose, and are not dependent on grass. This also means that breeding stock is more likely to be retained in times of scarcity.

Haematologica, volume , issue 6 by haematologica - issuu

Many of these traditional animals - some in local use for thousands of years - are disappearing, and even the small ancestors of large modern breeds are becoming extinct. Diseases Some potential microlivestock are undomesticated, and resistance to diseases and parasites is one justification for their consideration.

These "microbreeds"' have sometimes been considered genetic dead ends because they appear undersized and puny.

However, the general healthiness of a species when it is free-ranging can be a misleading guide for its husbandry. They tend to reach sexual maturity at a younger age than large animals, and the interval between the generations can be very short. Small cattle often produce only modest amounts of milk and meat per animal. Many small animals are raised at home by family members, such as children, the elderly, and the handicapped, who have time available and whose labor costs are nominally zero.

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When given quality forage and supplemental feeding, small unimproved cattle may not match the overall productivity of the large, highly developed breeds. This is unfortunate, and it is perhaps due to the fact that small animals may be less efficient at digesting certain foods and therefore technically less attractive than halry, "modern" breeds. Small animals tend to fit well into existing farming systems, thereby expanding the resource base and recycling nutrients.

Microlivestock production should be integrated into most ruraldevelopment projects.

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N'Dama West Africa. They are cheap to acquire and easy to maintain, even by people with little property and scarce resources.

Adult Swingers Ready African Ladies Mmj Cardholder, Just Looking​. Hugh Popenoe Breeds and varieties were created from mutant genes and thus haste become living reservoirs of these genes, holding them for use in future generations of mankind. Antelope Another wild African mammal with potential for "household animal husbandry," the blue duiker, is a rabbit-sized antelope. So far, however, microlivestock have been largely ignored.

Lack of Research Techniques to manage some microlivestock species are not yet well established. Tame, tolerant, and tough, it deserves greater recognition everywhere.

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This is particularly vital when there are seasonal bottlenecks. Records of breed history should be established, and unusual or special characteristics noted and the information disseminated. It is the most trypanotolerant of all cattle, showing no symptoms or loss of vitality. Haiyr highly variable, long-entrenched, small, East-African zebu with some nonzebu blood.

Resistant to many parasites, they also have a gentle disposition and make good work animals.

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Both microlivestock and traditional livestock deserve serious attention. Microlivestock are potentially important for urban areas of developing countries as well. Much of the world's surface, however, does not fit into that category, and it is in these areas and for those people who have no access to arable lands that a convincing case for livestock can most Albegta tee mace.

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A native of South American rainforests, this bird is a mqture poultry resource of France, Taiwan, and a few other countries. Although small size confers many advantages, the question is not whether the large or small animal is "best," but rather how well each can meet a person's varying requirements. Goats and cattle are common in urban India, and many Third World cities have far more chickens than people. Moreover, mismanagement can foster respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases such as salmonella or coccidiosis that are rare among scattered populations.

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But some commercial programs, including some with rabbits and guinea pigs, matuer failed because no public demand was developed.

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It's an unfortunate fact that small animals don't have the prestige among Third World farmers that Albeta animals do perhaps this arose because children can look after goats and sheep but it takes men to look after cattle. Examples discussed in the report are summarized here.

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Indeed, a major promise for microlivestock is in special environmental niches. Because of their unselective feeding behavior, they are capable of living where the feeds - tree leaves, shrubs, and weeds - are too poor to support other types of livestock.

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A farmer with several small animals is less vulnerable to loss than a farmer with a single large animal, a feature that is particularly important in subsistence farming where success determines whether the family will survive. Indeed, it seems likely that the two will seldom compete.

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Facilities and equipment required for microlivestock are, by and large, smaller and simpler than those required for large animals. In a given situation, livestock can be too small or too large. USES Like conventional contact, microcattle produce the same well-known products: meat, milk, manure, hides, horn, blood, and bone. Where cold, heat, temperature fluctuations, aridity, or humidity are extreme, microlivestock are likely to show their greatest advantage.

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